My Perfect Pair Luxury Lace Breast Tape

My Perfect Pair


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My Perfect Pair is a beautiful and breathable product, created with real lace, that molds well to the user's body and breast shape. It is constructed with a thin layer of PU film that provides a strong surface for the adhesive to hold on to without seeping through on to the users clothing, and medical grade adhesive that lifts and supports.

My Perfect Pair is extremely customizable. It is recommended to size up if you are unsure of sizing, as you can simply trim down your pair to better fit your bust. If you feel like you would like additional support and coverage, you can use your second pair in your package or add on the va-va-voom strips.

  • Perfect for your tops or dresses that don't work with a standard bra
  • Give amazing lift, support, and if desired, cleavage
  • Single Use
  • Sized S-XXL
  • Single Use
  • Customizable
  • Waterproof
  • Dance proof
  • Comes with two Sets of Breast Tape + Nipple Covers
  • 48% Nylon/35%  Rayon/17% Cotton PU, with medical grade non-irritating medical adhesive

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